Upcoming updates!

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Upcoming updates!

Post  Lycosa on Wed Apr 06, 2011 8:24 pm

Updated to the date 4/11/2011

Since we got our new host,we decided to boost up things so here is the to-do list:

*Teams-Albinix is working on unique system for our teams, leaders and co leaders will be able to invite players to the team, only if the player logged in he is in the team so it means no more fakes. - FINISHED

*Userpanel (upgrade) - We will add some unqiue things to it, and i want to save it as secret so expect to something amazing :].

*Streaming Radio - As soon as MTA releases MTA 1.1, we will make streaming radio in game then players will be able to hear our radio.

*Voice - In MTA 1.1, you guys will be able to talk in game :]

Things that we already added:

*Ghost driver - The ghost driver is now officially working without bugs, we decided not restart the top times so it means for see the ghost you will have to break the 1st again then the ghost will be created.

*Map testing/fixing - We decided that now Me (Lycosa) and Albinix will test the maps that you guys upload for make no shortcuts or any bugs in the maps for make better gameplay, and we will create soon a section for report about maps: shortcuts, bugs etc. And me and Albinix will fix em'.

*New servers: We are now officially opening 4 servers: DM Server, DD Server, Testing maps/Mapping/Dev server, and of course CW Server.

*VIP - Special rank that right now we don't have really much features but we are working on it. (Info will be posted later..)

That's the major things, of course there will be more updates and more things to expect!

I would like to thank all of our community that supporting us even when we had difficult times, I'd like to Thank our Leader Tommeh that without him this server were not exists.

I'd like to thank Albinix, our scripter that without him our server would not have all this scripts

And to all TG members, that keep help to our community.

Well i hope you guys are excited as I am,Goodluck Twisted Gamers!

-|TG|-Lycosa, and TG members

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