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Donation Information

Post  Giga on Sun Jan 16, 2011 7:25 am

Greetings, Twisted Players!

We want to launch our donation program that will help in keeping the server and website alive.

Giga will be the one who will collect all the donations we get and extending the life of the TG community.

:arrow: Our servers and will live longer because of YOU!
:arrow: You will get a shiny, gold VIP rank and be in the VIP group of the forum.
:arrow: You can be in the VIP group of the server, meaning you will get some moderator rights in the server. (Decision is still within the Administrative Team)
:arrow: You will get an awesome email address (eg:
:arrow: You can access the Administration Lounge where you can hangout with the members of the Administrative Team, the Moderating Team and other VIPs of the community.

There are a lot of way to donate to the -|TG|- community..

:arrow: PayPal
:arrow: Wire Transfer
:arrow: Western Union Money Transfer
:arrow: MoneyGram Money Transfer
:arrow: UnionBank Bank Deposit (Philippines)
:arrow: Globe G-Cash (Philippines)

*If you want me to add another payment method, feel free to PM Giga.

To get those benefits listed above, you need to fill up a form:

Title Topic: Donation from [Your gaming nick]

[b]Personal Info[/b]

Real Name:
In-game Nick:
City and Country:
Contact Points:

[b]Donation Info[/b]

Why do you want to donate to -|TG-|? :
Preferred Donation Method:
Amount to be donated (with currency initials) :

After you copy those information, you may click the "New Topic" button above the post. Paste it into your message body of your topic. Fill it up and hit the "Send" button.

You will have to PM Giga to send and confirm your donation.

Giga will PM you with the payment informations that are needed by the method.

After you have sent your donation, please scan your receipt and PM Giga with your scanned receipt attatched on the email.

After your email, please wait for at least 24-72 hours to verify your donation. After your donation is verified, you should see that our promise is now in your forum/server account.

Robster the Gigabyte, Resigned TG Community Administrative Team
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Twisted Player

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